Women Styling Services

We live in a product polluted world. I understand the difficulty of choosing between so many colours, prices and shapes. Women Styling is a service tailored to your needs, designed to define your style to your everyday routine and special occasion.

Maria is not changing who you are is actually revealing who you are. You are not born to fit in you are born to stand out.

Image Consultant Maria Drob

Women Styling

What to expect:

current style assessment

lifestyle assessment

determining the desired style

body shape assessment

Exploring new looks (best cuts & fits & colour suggestions)

inspiration hacks

styling tips & tricks 

$169,99 /3H

What does Woman Styling do for You?

delivering a style that defines who you are and what you stand for 

increase your self-confidence by taking control of your style;

Image Consultant Maria Drob
Woman Wardrobe Styling​

Women wardrobe styling generates a functional wardrobe that works for you. A functional wardrobe is a perfect solution for helping you find the right outfits for your lifestyle, budget, body shape, and style.

Are you wearing the same couple of outfits that look more like a uniform than a personality statement?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes gathered over the time?

Despite having lots of clothes you still feel like have nothing to wear?

You feel like you never find what you are looking for?

Wardrobe Edit Service Woman

What is included:

fill up a short questionnaire so I can prepare for the session

3 hours In-home styling consultation

discarding non-working clothes

differentiate the flattering items from the ones that need alteration

building up new outfits with items you already have

identify gaps in your existing wardrobe suggesting versatile, investment pieces that will last forever

you will receive a post-session email with a personalized style plan and additional notes from during the men wardrobe styling session.

179.99 $ / 3H + 54 $ for each extra hour (depending on how large it’s your wardrobe) 

What does Woman Wardrobe Styling do for You?

understand the type of clothes suit better for your body shape

learn to mix and match the pieces you already own

learn how to fill up the gaps in your wardrobe

expand your wardrobe versatility 

 service will continue with regular style updates in your inbox.

get new style outfits suggestions outside of your style zone with the existing items

reorganizing your wardrobe space leaving you room for new experiences

 receive a mini e-book with the additional notes, suggestions and outfits photos created during the session to easily access whenever you are stuck for something to wear 

Colour Analyse
Colour Analyse​


$99,99 /1H


Personal stilist Maria Drob

Choose your styling plan

After you will be charged for the plan please check your e-mail for the Styling Form

Women Styling

$ 179
99 /For 3H

Women Wardrobe Edit

$ 189
99 /For 3H
  • +$54 / each additional hour

Colour Analyse​

$ 99
99 /For 1H