Tyger Tyger fashioning right

Tyger Tyger fashioning right

EN: “Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night; 
What immortal hand or eye, 
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
In what distant deeps or skies, 
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire? […]”

About how much do I like the animal print I’ve already said. But my newer thing is for khaki, olive, green and all the colors derivatives.
The t-shirt I’m wearing today is from Bonprix.ro and I chose to combine it with an ecological leather pencil skirt and high strappy sandals.
Having dark brown hair, with a hint of red, reflects in the sunlight; brown eyes, pale brown pupils and freckled ski ; according to the chromatic analysis, I fit into the intense pigment typology with warm sub tone.
This means any shade of olive colour suits me wonderfully. Especially if I wear it correctly, that is, as close as possible to my face. The olive color is actually a temperate green by yellow, so a cool and intense green color becomes a warm shade when it blends it with yellow. Complementing nicely a coppery pigment.

That’s why khaki makes good team with red, orange, warm brown and leopard or tiger print .
Of course, the color analysis is much more complex. Each type of pigment matches a 30 main color palette plus 12 additional colors based on the sub-ton pigment, resulting in 42 colors. So, we have a wide range of choice. This topic is much more complex and I will address it during several future articles.

Until next time stay fashion!

From Romania with love!

strappy sandals

RO: Cat de mult imi place mie animal print-ul am tot spus. Mai nou insa, am o afinitate pentru kaki, olive, verdele militaresc si toate derivatele de aici.

Tricoul pe care il port azi este de pe Bonprix.ro si am ales sa il combin cu o fusta creion din piele ecologica si o pereche de sandale inalte, cu barete.

Avand parul saten inchis cu reflexii roscate, in lumina soarelui; ochii caprui cu irizatii galbene si tenul pistruiat. Conform analizei cromatice, ma incadrez la tipologia de pigment intens cu subton cald. Ceea ce inseamna ca o nuanta de oliv ma prinde de minune 🙂 . Si cu atat mai mult daca o port corect, adica, cat mai aproape de fata. Olivul este in realitate un verde temperat de galben, asa incat, o culoare rece si intensa de verde, devine, atunci cand o amesteci cu galben, o nuanta calda. Complementand astfel, un pigment aramiu.

Asta este si motivul pentru care, kaki-ul face echipa buna cu rosul, portocaliul, maroul cald sau chiar animal print-ul leopard sau tigru.

Bineanteleas ca analiza culorilor este mult mai complexa. Fiecarui tip de pigment i se potrivesc o paleta de 30 de culori de baza la care se adauga inca 12 culori adiacente rezultand astfel, 42 de culori. Deci, avem de unde alege 🙂 Subiectul fiind atat de compex il voi aborda pe parcursul mai multor articole viitoare.

Pana data viitoare ramaneti in tendinte!

Din Iasi cu dragoste!

olive color
Ray Ban Aviator


T-shirt | Tricou| BonPrix

Sandals| Sandale| Zara

Skirt| Fusta| Zara

Poem | Poezie | The Tyger

Watch | Ceas | Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses| Ochelari de soare| Ray Ban


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