Style With Me | Overcome Quarantine Anxiety

Style With Me | Overcome Quarantine Anxiety

I will start a new series of outfit videos called ” How to dress while in quarantine” having the purpose to overcome the quarantine anxiety. Since most of us, the lucky ones (of course), are working from home; I’m saying lucky because unfortunately lots of people, they have to stay at home without being pay and some other lost their jobs and so on and so forth… anyway… this project is not about this. I decided to do these series because I want to share some joy, some positive vibe and I decided to also do it in English because I would like for everyone to hear me out and to be able to understand me despite I used to put an English subtitle (at least on YouTube) every time. 

Stay home, first of all for your own good and for your dear ones because would be very sad if someone who is close to you or your dear ones will get sick or even worst-case scenario which I did don’t even want to mention about… working from home it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to stay in pyjamas all day long or it doesn’t mean we have to wear gym leggings or stuff like this. 

Wake up in the morning and put something nice on it can actually work miracles, it could, change your vibe, put you in a working mood, you can be more productive and you feel more joy for life. We have a say in Romania, (I’m not quite sure if can be translated into English) however I will get the idea and I will tell you anyway: Create heaven out of what you have. So, be grateful for what you have, be grateful you are healthy, be grateful you have a chance to stay at home with light, with access to the Internet, with access to telephones so we have the opportunity to reach out to your friends, your family and so on and so forth so put something nice on like I did today.

For this first episode, I choose to put this red brick colour skirt which by the way is new, I didn’t even have the chance to wear it outside yet because I just bought it two weeks ago from Primark while I was on a trip to the UK where I’ve been visiting
Birmingham and mostly London. So I bought it for a very good price because it was on sales from 13 pounds to 5 only which for me it’s a bargain price and I put on, this shoulderless top which I adore it. Mostly because of this voluminous sleeves… also I find shoulderless tops sort of sensual, they’re sexy. I paired up with this pair of snake print ankle boots from H&M and I decided to also put matching… sort of matching tight. I did not find a pair which exactly match the colour of the boots but they’re from the same colour family which is good. Obviously you can wear it without it, is even better but because I am petite I like to use these small tricks to visually elongate my body with few inches… well inches if I’m totally positive but in reality, I guess is only about two-three centimetres. But who’s counting?!

Augustinne demo Regular

I know, the bag in this situation is pointless! Because we have nothing to carry from our bedroom to the living room or wherever you installed your office, maybe in a kitchen or hallway. But, why not have some fun and put on a bag just to remind the good times. I also have it from Primark and I bought it because of the colour, or rather say mostly because of the colour. They had it on a few other shades but this yellow (it’s not a bright yellow, is sort of mustard) it really, really conquered my heart.

So, stay positive, smile every day, be grateful for what you have, and stay tuned for the next episode of “What wear while in quarantine”.

Positivity is all that matters!!! So I decided to do this video just to decrease our forehead and to bring you some smile, some colour and some willingness to move forward because only like this we will be able to manage to Overcome Quarantine Anxiety. Life is worth living it! So, please do your best to find joy in every moment despite how hard is nowadays with all these situations. But you’re not alone, we are all in this the situation, half of the world is locked in. Not locked! Cus nobody locked us, staying at home … we choose to do this, is a choice and the choice is for your own good and for your dear ones. Actually, in reality, is for your life, you choose to stay at home because we choose life, we choose to live and for this, you have to smile every day, because no one promised us tomorrow.
So, be happy!

I have good news for you guys, I recently launched the Virtual Styling Service so please check it out here!

Adine Kirnberg Regular

Adine Kirnberg Regular


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6 thoughts on “Style With Me | Overcome Quarantine Anxiety

  1. It’s so important to have a routine while working from home and putting on a nice outfit can be, as you say, work miracles. Thanks for the post! Stay safe!

  2. I am currently working from home. I agree that getting up and getting dressed will change your mood for the better. I am a big fan of leggings and a sweatshirt, but every now and then, its nice wear something else at home.

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