Smoking/ Tuxedo Guide- Black Tie Dress Code

Smoking/ Tuxedo Guide- Black Tie Dress Code

The idea of a black-tie dress code article came to me along within my sister’s wedding and that’s because my brother-in-law assigned me the role of his personal stylist. My opinion is that as a groom, there are only two options: black tie dress code or white tie dress code. That’s it!

The only exceptions are beach weddings.

There’s no such a thing as:

X “I want to feel relaxed”

X “I want a suit that I can wear on other occasions”

X “I want a jacket to wear it on jeans too”

X “I am a nonconformist”

You’re a groom, so it’s not about relaxation, you were relaxed your entire life.

Neither do we wear the wedding dress anymore, so why should you turn your wedding suit into a uniform?!

Stop it with the nonsense! We all need to learn how to build a basic wardrobe, which will contain special pieces for special occasions and everyday pieces. At the same time, we should consider some simple rules, especially when it comes to black-tie or white-tie.

Nonconformist = originality! There is nobody nonconformist, all of you are wearing the same uniform. You are all too lazy to get out of it because it would require little effort and it would mean leaving the comfort zone, where it is so “warm and good”.

Today I would like to talk about the black-tie dress code – Tuxedo wearing guide.

Black-tie does not mean wearing a tie of black colour because the expression does not translate literally. On the contrary, when the current appeared in 1885, it signalled the relinquishment of the tie.

The events where black-tie is suitable are award ceremonies, weddings, prom or big number change anniversary. Unfortunately, there is no such culture in Romania. In countries like Switzerland, Austria, France etc. people wear tuxedos on New Year eve even if they are a mountain hut. As for us we still wear the sweaters and jumpers, so that we can be comfortable … that comfort seems to define us, generally speaking.

The elements the tuxedo must have are:

Silk lapel jacket

When referring to lapels there are three different types: the notch lapel, the peak lapel and the shawl lapel. The last-mentioned one is the most common among the tuxedo suits and the most traditional one.

Silk stripe trousers

The trousers should be black with a silk stripe on the sides, necessarily matching the jacket.

Pleated shirt with wing collar

Pleated shirt with wing collar and the sleeves wristbands must have holes for cufflinks. If you opt for the cummerbund, the cufflinks should be black but, if you opt for the vest instead, the cufflinks could be white.

The Shoes

Only black, patent leather shoes and necessarily with lace.

The Socks

Socks obviously should be black, to the knee. No one dreams to see a man’s leg uncovered.

The Cummerbund

The cummerbund is not compulsory, however, it shows that you put some effort and done your homework, at the same time it will flatter your figure. Another detail to mention about cummerbund is that will suit better on trousers who have high waisted cut.

The Waistcoat

The waistcoat is an alternative to the cummerbund. Choose one with a deep U-neckline to give the outfit a posh look.

The Bow Tie

The bow tie must be a REAL one! Not that nonsense of bows elastic band. If you do not know how to make the knot I recommend this article or check Youtube with confidence. Regarding colours, it is recommended to avoid white, as this is part of another dress code that we will talk about in a future article.

The Cufflinks

The simpler the better.

The Handkerchief

It is optional and also must be as simple as possible.

A good article to read is: “How to pick the perfect suit“.

Nest time we will talk about white-tie dress code guide.

Adine Kirnberg Regular

Adine Kirnberg Regular

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Black Tie Dress Code
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