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My story

Personal stylist accredited by London College of style.

My passion for textures, fabrics, colours and shapes…

…is native as they were genetically inherited by my paternal grandmother who was a seamstress and by my maternal grandfather who was a shoemaker. Subsequently fed by my mother, whose wardrobe was made up of dresses, tailored suits, “Deux pièces” (as she liked to call them) and only heeled shoes!!! Whether we are talking about shoes, sandals or boots, they were all made of leather and all had heels. And God forbid the snow it was back then! In the matter of skirts, she liked the drapes, the peplos and any garments that emphasised her waist. My mother’s wardrobe reflected her personality and her inclination towards feminine, elegant and fine taste was evident. She always had her hair fixed with permanent curls and she never lacked lipstick on her lips.

For the landscape to be complete ...

… there were my uncles too. Which always had a flawless outfit. Wearing oxford shoes, always polished, ironed “on the strip” cloth pants, shirt always tacked in trousers and cardigan, for every day. Or, jacket suit and hat when the occasion demanded it. Within their acceptance, the occasions were with each exit of the house. Contouring in my mind, the image of masculinity and the definition of the well-dressed man. Thus, they also contribute to the decision to attend the courses of male personal stylist and wardrobe editor.

Later on in life…

… having the opportunity to travel around the world (Europe, Africa, Asia and South America) I learned a lot about the culture, fashion and art, but especially about the so diversified tastes of people in the clothing field.

I’m customizing nearly every dress, skirt, shirt or pants to fit my body perfectly, thus giving a personal look. I think it all depends on how you wear what you wear without becoming a prisoner of trends. Calmness, self-control and self-confidence give you a much more appealing image. Juggle with what you have! Try things in ways you haven’t done before, without worrying about the opinions of others. Do not allow yourself to get bored. Open yourself up for inspiration and experimentation and have fun when you’re wrong.


You deserve to love the way you look!

Also about me

Stilist personal
Me & Sis
  • I have a sister 11 years younger than me!
  • I bought my first car 8 years after I got the driver license!
  • I graduated from the University of Economics and Business Administration and I completed a master’s degree in Marketing and Business Communication!
  • I am an engineer in computer sciences with documents for almost 10 years!
  • I am an expansive lion; I love people but also the time spent with myself!
  • I have never been to the circus and I have no desire to!
Leonardo’s Vineyard


>> True passion for styling

>> Love for beautiful things

>> The desire to help

>> Educate

>> Share knowledge

>> Encourage others

>> Opening up my heart

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