Personal Stylist Services

Men Styling

See yourself from the outside of yourself!

During these sessions, I'm gonna teach about your body shape, suits, jeans, t-shirt, shirts, oxford shoes, trainers, patterns, colours, grooming and everything it takes to unleash the magic who makes you, you. In addition, you will learn about self-confidence, self-love and authenticity.

Virtual Styling

Shape your style! It is not about how you look it's about what do you look like. The dressing can change how you feel, make you comfortable with yourself, enhance who you are and send a strong message. Can make you present.
Eliminates self-limiting beliefs and successfully empower you to achieve your goals.

Women Styling

We live in a product polluted world. I understand the difficulty of choosing between so many colours, prices and shapes. Tailored to your needs, embrace yourself. Fitting your style to your everyday routine and special occasion.
Maria is not changing who you are is actually revealing who you are. You are not born to fit in you are born to stand out.

Special Services

Corporate Styling
Bridal Styling
Special Event Style
Pack for Vacation
Style Workshops
Pregnancy Wardrobe