New year resolution and goals – the year balance

New year resolution and goals – the year balance

After establishing what is a good end of the year gifts it is now the time of the end of the year review.

End of the year, in my opinion, is the right moment to review yourself and to establish the new year resolution. By reviewing yourself I mean everything: your inner self, your outer self, your habits, your surroundings, your fellows, your career accomplished and last but not least your significant other. Basically, a SWOT analysis. And for those who are not familiar with the concept SWOT stands from Strong, Weak, Opportunity and Threats.

My new year resolutions for 2019 were met, if is to judge by the report between goals and personal input. I will end this year with a better inner peace than I ever had. It was an interesting year and quite intense but, in the end, everything turned out for the better. To conclude, I like to call 2019 the year of change and cleaning.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for everything that life brought into my life, and for all the blessings that came my way also for the detox that cleared out the impurities, strong impressions and complexities.

New year resolution

Moving forward let’s talk about the new year resolution for 2020. 

1. Are new year’s resolutions effective?

The answer is yes! They are as effective as you make them be. Be dreamy, have no limits, aim high, think big! No one can limit you, or tell you what to add and what not add on the list. Put there whatever you feel without any fear, the Universe might surprise you.

2. Are new year resolutions good

Yes! They are good. They are keeping you motivated, and also helps you to get to know yourself. By reviewing them from time to time you will realise how much you changed or how steady you are. Like this, you will be able to make accurate projections regarding your future evolution. And based on that you will be able to create “according to reality” plans.

3. Are new year resolution important

The new year resolutions are as important as you make them be. If you truly believe in your self and your dreams regardless of others opinion and forecast they will become reality and therefore important. In addition, I always believed that handwriting on paper is having a sort of magic energy and unseen power. When you actually see your thoughts on the paper then you will realise for yourself the level of importance of those wishes.

Who knows? Maybe like this you will reconsider your priorities and rethink your resolutions and goals.

4. Are new year’s resolutions successful

I’m confident that the success of any resolution, goal or wish is dependent entirely on us. First of all, you should make out of success a mindset. Then ACTION is the keyword for anything that’s on your list. Fear, cowardice, laziness are not be taken with you on the new year. Another major factor is the people you are surrounding by!!! 

Augustinne demo Regular

Once a teacher of mine told me: “Pick carefully the people around you because we are like apples. If you put a bad apple into a basket full with good apples, soon they will all become bad.

Green coat

5. When new year’s resolutions fail

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  • when you are complaining all the time without taking any measurements;
  • when you can not overcome your fears and the inferiority;
  • when you don’t have the desire to be successful;
  • when you compare yourself with the others;
  • when you blame others for your incapacity;
  • when you do not value your potential;
  • when you pity yourself.

6. What new year resolution to make

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Wish for the impossible and accomplish it with enthusiasm!

new year resolution to lose weight – ONLY for health reason!!!

new year’s resolution to love yourself – if you don’t no one will

new year’s resolution to be a better person – better attracts better

new year resolution to be happy – happiness is a state of mind!!!

new year’s resolution to save money – save to invest and to be generous

new year’s resolution to quit smoking – let go of any bad habits 

new year’s resolution to quit drinking – moderation is the key for everything

These are essential, just to give you a boost in starting the list. Further on, you are the one knowing yourself, knowing your skills, knowing your priorities and knowing your dreams. Last but not least, the one within is the power of shaping a bright future.

7. What new year’s resolutions you can actually keep

You will end up keeping only those who really matter for you. Every time it happens to review my previous list I have the surprise to find out that those resolutions that did not come true, are actually relating to things that are no longer important to me. Or, those I stopped believing in and therefore stopped putting any effort. If those resolutions still make sense for you, then you should review your behaviour and start taking action. 

A good start point for accomplishing your goals are these two articles: one and two.

8. What new year’s resolutions NOT to make

The new year’s resolutions not to make are those wishes/ resolutions regarding any other person except yourself. Like new year’s resolution to boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, family, friends etc.. 

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Because it is not good to interfere with somebody else cycle of life. You won’t like if your life will become the result of other people wishes regarding you.

The maximum you can do for the dear ones is to send them love and blessings.

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I would like to know how is end of the year for each of you and what new year resolution do you make?

In 2020 keep your eyes on the ball and the balls rolling.

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12 thoughts on “New year resolution and goals – the year balance

  1. This is a great post and exactly how I am feeling! I’m making lots of positive changes in my life and excited to see what the next decade brings. I have a lot of goals but I know I can accomplish them. Also, I love your style!

    1. Thank you, Christina, for stopping by <3!

      I'm glad to hear you are positive and confident regarding your future and accomplishments. Actually my mission and values are Mind & Style, you can't feel beautiful outside if you are not feeling beautiful inside. Self-appreciation is the end of all problems!

      Stylish hugs!

  2. Great post! Very motivating & inspiring ✨🙏✨ And you’re so right about people only sticking to resolutions that really matter to them. If we set a bunch of big goals for the new year without really assessing how important they are to us in the first place, we shouldn’t be surprised to find we didn’t stick to them. Change only happens when we’re truly motivated to change. 💜

    1. An old say sais “tell me how much you are willing to change to tell you how important it is for you”, with this in mind it pretty much describes why some goals, wishes, dreams become reality and why some others not.

      Thank you Rose, for visiting my blog!

  3. Great post! I usually do make resolutions, but this year I decided to have a word of the year to live by, persist. My dream is to be a successful writer and it’s definitely something that takes time and persistence. After reading this I think I might make quarterly resolutions because I think you’re right that it is motivating to have set goals. Thank you!

    1. Hey Kathryn, welcome on my styling zone! 🙂

      Indeed, quarterly is a good way of putting goals together, narrowing the time frame there is more chance we accomplish them. This year I also made a plan only until April, and I will make another one afterwards.

  4. Great review. Looks like really a powerful Keyword tool. I see it comes up with some great synonyms too. In fact, looks like a bundle pack showing the site ranking keywords as well.
    And no doubt, it has a very clean interface, which one would love to use on a daily basis. I always like the tools which come up with an overall option, instead of using multiple tools performing multiple tasks. Glad you shared.

    1. Aw, thank you! A quite unusual comment as most of my readers are focusing on the article topic. You, on the other hand, seem to be more interested in the tech part which indeed it’s the rock base of any website.

      I appreciate you stopped by and took the time to leave me a comment! 🙂

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