Today we talk trends. Men’s 2020 Fall Trends, where to buy them from but MOST IMPORTANT how to wear. 

I gathered for you a variety of outfits combo covering all tastes and personality. Don’t hesitate to hit the comment box to let me know your thoughts about the Men’s 2020 Fall Trends or you can drop a future posts suggestions.

This year fall trends are quite bold but at the same time, they are versatile and can be adapted for a more dress down appearance.

So, the top 10 Men’s Fashion Winter/ Fall 2020 trends are:

  1.  Tailored Suit with Skinny Tie 
  2. Neon Pink 
  3. Monochrome Look  
  4. Full Leather
  5.  Leopard Prints
  6. Parka pairing it with Tailored
  7. Illustrated Sweater 
  8. 1950 Preppy V-Neck
  9. Romantic Style
  10. Torn-up & Shredded Sweaters
  1. – consider your body proportion
  2. – consider your skin tone
  3. – consider your high
  4.  – avoid looking like a motorcyclist

Tailored Suit with Skinny Tie

The skinny tie was never my favourite, in my opinion, is not a flattering accessory for nobody. But if you really like it you can consider it only if you are a thin guy for the broad type guy it will create a disproportionate look. However, I will always vote for the tailored suit, here is a good article on how to choose the perfect suit.

Neon Pink

Here come the men in pink. Men’s 2020 Fall Trends brings the pink into men’s attention but now days is not an exclusive women shade. It can equally be worn by male figures. It can easily be integrated into a variety of styles. This colour is favourite by lots of hop-hop singers also, as you can see you can wear it within some classic combo or go for a more casual appearance.

Monochrome Look

Did you know that monochrome outfit makes you look taller? Well… it does so if you feel like you are missing a few inches you can visually add them by wearing such a monochrome outfit. However, if you are already quite tall you won’t like to look like a giraffe so some colour blocks would work better for you.

Full Leather

Wearing full leather can be tricky as you might look like you are about to ride the motorbike. However, nowadays styling has evolved and with just a bit of creativity & imagination you can game up your look. Here are some outfit choices covering a wide range of tastes from classic cut to more casual till hip-hop touch.

What’re your thoughts, would you have the guts to wear a full leather outfit?

Full Leather Wear Ideas

Leopard Prints

How dope is to wear a leopard coat? If is to ask me is one of the coolest things but only if suits your personality and lifestyle. Not everyone should feel obliged to wear it just because the trends dictated so.

Being, I’m the bold type I also encourage the others to dare more, to overstep the comfort zone, to care less about others opinion and to feel good about themself.

Just have a look at these great outfit combo and let me know your thought? Would you wear an outstanding coat or you see it as too much?

I keep encourage you to leave me a comment because I strongly believe by sharing opinions we have the chance to learn new things from each other. 🙂 

Leopard menswear

Parka pairing it with Tailored

Keep your coolness 😎 this winter by trading your classic overcoat for a parka. Give your classy look a bit of spice overcoming your neat and groomed style. In styling, creativity is the rule!

Mens Parka Coat

Illustrated Sweater

Are you a playful type with a joyful personality then an illustrated sweater will be your “best friend” this fall. You can mix it up with a pair of jeans, or a casual pair of trousers or a tailored pair of pants. It will keep you warm on a freezy day and be an appearance at the same time.

1950 Preppy V-Neck

 We’re not going back to the ’50s we are bringing the preppy v-neck to 2020. A vintage piece looks very present if only pair it with a current item. Get the inspo from this guys and you can’t get wrong.

Romantic Style

 The romantic style was brought back by Vivienne Westwood in her very first collection in 1982. With an artistic bohemian air ruffles, bows and voluminous sleeves can successfully recreate a 2020 Don Juan look. 
Men Personal Stylist

Torn-up & Shredded Sweaters

For Underground Style Lovers Here’s a Taste of Grunge Inspiration. Either you prefer the “cool down” version of grunge or you go all the way check the carousel for some outfit ideas.
Grunge Style

Gorgeous Men’s Leopard Warm Faux Fur on SALE | cute pink Ralph Lauren PLAIN RIBBED SOCKS | this Bugatti Sportive Cotton Blend Coat or TRETORN URBAN PU RAIN PARKA both REDUCED to Clear. The Striped Side Long Sleeve Hoodie is just perfect.  JAEGER V-Neck CRICKET KNIT JUMPER on SALES | Punk Rave Men’s Shredded Knit Sweater here. HUGO by Hugo Boss Twill SILK TIE | Adorable Twisted Archive Prints Chuck Taylor hereLovely fuchsia Paul Smith Organic Cotton Raglan Sleeve Jumper & very practical City Mountaineer BACKPACK & a classic GANT Contrast Collar Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt all on SALES. 

Check out the men section on Men Moment category & don’t forget to tell me your opinion in the comments below.

Adine Kirnberg Regular

Adine Kirnberg Regular

Photo sources: & Vogue

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    1. Hey Gina, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      The classic suit indeed looks great for anybody. However, I’m promoting the idea that we should dress accordingly to our proportion, lifestyle and personality. Hence, pink might be just perfect for some personality type while can be wrong for some other.

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