How to Style Victorian Era Dresses

How to Style Victorian Era Dresses

Fashion during the Victorian Era was all about excess. From undergarments that greatly exaggerated a woman’s figure to layers of ruffles, Victorian Era dresses were incredibly detailed. It makes sense, then, that there were also a myriad of accessories that were meant to adorn and embellish these dresses.

These must-have accessories during the Victorian Era made dresses from this period even more beautiful. They added a sense of style and individuality to a time period where fashion was modest and highly regulated.

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Cameo Brooches

Cameo Brooches are iconic items from the Victorian Era. Characterized by an ivory carving of a woman’s portrait set atop a contrasting background, these elaborate decorations rose to popularity in the early 19th century after upper-class women brought similar items back from European vacations. Historically crafted from bone or ivory, contemporary replicas are made from more accessible materials.

Not only were Cameo Brooches a beautiful way to style Victorian Era dresses, they were also a symbol of status. When they first rose to popularity, they showed that women were affluent enough to afford lavish vacations abroad. Now, these items are emblematic of accessories that adorned Victorian dresses.

Cameo Necklace


Jewelry in the 19th century was incredibly ornate.  Like many other accessories during this time period, it served as a visual indicator of the wearer’s wealth and status within society. While baubles during the Victorian Era were varied, there were three distinct periods that defined their style.

The first was the Romantic Period, which featured intricate motifs and clear gemstones. The death of Prince Albert in Europe inspired the trend of Victorian jewelry that was large and dark to represent this Mourning Period. Finally, jewelry from the end of the century embraced precious gemstones and metals. All of these pieces were meant to enhance the style of Victorian Era dresses.

Romantic Period

Prince Albert

precious gemstones


Gloves were an everyday accessory that nearly every Victorian lady was expected to wear. Typically worn with bracelets worn over the top, gloves from this era not only served as a beautiful compliment to Victorian Era dresses and gowns, but also added an air of sophistication. Often made of a luxurious leather, daytime gloves typically featured buttons, ruffled lace, or some other type of adornment at the wrist.

When it comes to evening wear, gloves during this era were typically longer in length. They were often made of a soft silk and ended anywhere between the elbow and the shoulder. Gloves were a beautiful way to enhance the beauty of Victorian gowns while still remaining modest and appropriate.

Gloves Vintage


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