About men’s shoes I could talk forever, depending on the quality of the shoes, the design and the shade, they can complete an outfit or completely ruin it.

Same as in with ladies, shoes are a particularly important piece for men too.

In the old days, men paid special attention to shoes, the proof being those shoe polishers that you could find at almost every street corner.


Did you know that women create the first impression of you by analyzing your shoes?

A pair of shoes with a stumpy or unkempt appearance will create an ugly image, no matter how good your hair looks.

Because a pair of men’s shoes represents an investment, you must pay attention to the following aspects, at the time of purchase:


Laces/ Strings




Leather quality





What shoes should be in every man’s wardrobe?

Well, every gentleman should have at least one pair of sports shoes, one pair of moccasins, two pairs of elegant shoes – classy shoes (a black pair and a brown pair) and one pair of boots.

Today, however, I want to focus on how we chromatically assorted shoes with the outfit as well as some criteria for choosing ceremony suit shoes, the elegant ones.

The shoes for ceremony suit should NEVER have a pointy tip!!! As in shades, if the outfit is meant to be a business or ceremony attire, only the black or dark brown are acceptable.

Note: The belt must be in the same shade as the shoes!

My opinion is that every man should have in the wardrobe a pair of brown shoes too, they can also be without laces.

Note: Beige pants only go with brown shoes!!

Below you have a colour scheme (which goes with what) and a suggestive photo.

Black shoes goes with the following pants colour: 

Brown shoes goes with the following pants colour:

Grey shoes goes with the following pants colour:

Blue shoes goes with the following pants colour:

Green shoes goes with the following pants colour:

Red shoes goes with the following pants colour:

Cum asortam culoarea pantofilor

My advice is to “keep it simple” or “less is more”! So, if you do not master the art of harmoniously combining colours, do not venture to wear “crazy” colours, opt for the unanimously accepted shades as black and brown, so you will not risk exposing yourself to the hardship.


Strong colours such as blue, green, red and even grey are casual. DON’T BUY CEREMONY SUIT FOOTWEAR within these colour!!!! We will talk about (casual, informal and formal) dress code in a future article.

men's shoes

Men’s shoe maintenance suggestions:

Is highly recommended to have a shoe maintenance kit. Which contains some basic elements such as a small round brush for applying shoe cream, a large brush for cleaning or polishing (both preferably being of horsehair), a soft cotton cloth, 3 shades of cream (black, brown and beige), a wax and shoe tree preferably of wood in order to absorb the excess moisture and thus eliminate the odour, the role of the shoe tree is to keep the shape of the shoes as long as possible and last but not least a shoe fitter.

Augustinne demo Regular

men's shoes

Useful website:




Nest time we will talk about the black-tie dress code.

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Adine Kirnberg Regular

Adine Kirnberg Regular

Photo source: Pinterest.com

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