Envy and jealousy – how to overcome them


EN: After time management, definition of stress and self-esteem, all part of personal development category today I’m going to discuss about jealousy and envy. Envy means fixedly how we perceive ourselves, rather than how we perceive others around us. Envy is about how confident we are in our own person rather than what someone else […]

Fa-ti rai din ce ai – fashion is not about the money

Iris Apfel

EN:  As Iris Apfel, the most controversial and cool fashionista once said – “people who have a lot of money do not dress as well as people who have to do and be inventive.” Build a haven of what you have! Fashion is not always about how much money you have, is the line that […]

Polka dots dress- day to night outfit

polka dots dress

EN: Today I’m proposing a day to night outfit having the central piece polka dots dress. In most cases I propose for the day, a pair of flat shoes. Of course, if you can walk on heels miles and miles on a daily basis, I congratulate you! As you well know I am a backing […]

I wear lace culottes avec le béret, stripes and pearls

lace culottes

EN: I wear lace culottes with the French beret, stripes and pearls… this time. I started wearing culottes trousers about 3 years ago now, I believe I like them so much because in my youth, I wore a lot of three quarters trousers. I had them in denim, silk, etc., but, at the time they […]

36 si fabuloasa – esti cum te simti


Pe 29 iulie a fost ziua mea si am implinit fabuloasa varsta de 36 de ani si da, o spun in gura mare! Pentru ca sunt recunoscatoare pentru fiecare an care mi se adauga in buchetul vietii si asta deoarece, am ajuns sa percep batranetea ca pe o binecuvantare a divinitatii si ca o onoare […]