Christmas gift ideas for men – 60 gifts for him

Christmas gift ideas for men

Without noticing we reached the end of the year, the time of the balance sheet, the time of the new resolutions but first of all the family time and the dear ones. And when it comes to dear ones, we might become their Santa Clause. Today I would like to give your inspiration a boost, […]

Visit Milan in one day (visit Milan on a budget)

Visit Milan in one day

I visited Milan in one day, within a budget. So, today throughout this article I will answer the following questions about one of the cultural and fashion capitals, Milan:           √ can I visit Milan in one day          √ why visit Milan         √ […]

What winter coat should I buy?

What winter coat should I buy

Is the ultimate question every year around this season… what color winter coat should I buy, what kind of winter coat should I buy… and so on and so forth. What winter coat should I buy? In winter we tend to wear blacker or very dark colors. Today I propose to dare you with a […]

Zaga Zaga resort- evadarea de weekend

Zaga Zaga

EN: Zaga Zaga – a corner of heaven I would call it. I have wanted to write this article for a while, but I am still working on my relationship with time! I heard about Zaga Zaga resort only this year, while on a team-building exercise with the company I work for. After a quick […]

Envy and jealousy – how to overcome them


EN: After time management, definition of stress and self-esteem, all part of personal development category today I’m going to discuss about jealousy and envy. Envy means fixedly how we perceive ourselves, rather than how we perceive others around us. Envy is about how confident we are in our own person rather than what someone else […]